Birds with Teeth * alice blue press

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Dear Vulnerability * Southern Indiana Review (forthcoming)

I followed you forty miles * Bone Bouquet (print issue 8.1)

Omens Again & Spell of Banishment: Love Poems & Elegy for My Undead Brother * Grimoire (issue 4)

Elegy for My Undead Brother * DIAGRAM (issue 17.4)

The Oneironaut at Tea Time * The Literary Review (print vol. 59 issue 2)

After Omens * The Journal (print issue 40.3 Summer 2016)

Accumulated Realities * Inter|rupture (issue 18)

Terra & Elegy for My Undead Brother & The City of Subdued Excitement Endures Mercury in Retrograde * Hobart (August 18, 2016)

Pica, Pica Magpie Graffiti * Sonora Review (print issue 67)

That summer I started calling all the good things * Whiskey Island (print issue 66)

Mountain Bestiary * Black Warrior Review (issue 42.1)

The City of Subdued Excitement & the No Good Really Bad Hangover & The Facts of Turquoise & Like, We Are Trying to Hang the Moon * Elsewhere (issue 9)

If On a Winter’s Night You Come Into Existence * Muzzle Magazine

All this to say we won’t be there for any of it * Banango Street (issue 10)

The Revenants // of Remnants & Io is Another Name * Nightblock (issue 6)

Last Words * Timber Journal (winter issue 2015)

A Semblance of All Things & Roustabout * The New Megaphone (print issue 2)

Epidemic & The Tornado, King of Flowers * The Pinch (print issue 34.1)

Listen to The Tornado, King of Flowers at:
The Pinch

RETARD * Swine

I Give Myself Pep Talks as Katie Oh & A Lack of an Apologia * Quaint Magazine

Nightmare Boys * Sixth Finch

Get Off Your High Horse and Fight Me Like Androgyne * ILK Journal

Space Density: Montana * Birdfeast

& in Dream & Dear ______, A Bomb is Not a Quick Death * Alice Blue (issue 21)

The City of Subdued Excitement Turns Its Back on the Roving Jewel * Alice Blue (issue 27)

My Old Dominion, Blood + Bone * Sugar House Review (print issue 10)

Wake * Sugar House Review (print issue 6)

Listen to Wake at:
Sound of Sugar or Slug Mag 41

Occupation (w/ Iris Craig) * The Dirty Napkin

Numeral Cannibal * Cloud Rodeo

In Which the Snake Regurgitates a Tapir * Petrichor Machine (print issue 2)

UNIBROW * The Doctor J.T. Eckleburg Review

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